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Fauna and Flora International

Fauna and Flora International



"Plastic particles in our seas are becoming recognised as an emerging threat to marine wildlife. We're backing the Great Nurdle Hunt in raising awareness of this issue and for promoting good practice in the management of plastic pellets. This is an issue we can't afford to ignore."


Highland Seashore Biodiversity Project

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"The Highland Seashore Biodiversity Project encourages local people to take ownership of our beautiful coastline and the life that depends on it. We are sustained by our coast, keen to protect it and now fired up to look for nurdles. Together we can achieve a positive change with industry."


John Muir Trust

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"The John Muir Trust are delighted to share this project across our engagement and volunteer initiatives. It is an excellent way of raising awareness, making a difference, and giving people the opportunity for practical action."


Marine Conservation Society

Marine Conservation Society





"The Marine Conservation Societies Sea Champion Volunteer initiative is proud to support the great nurdle hunt and work towards cleaner seas in Scotland for both people and wildlife."



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"RSPB Scotland is proud to support the Great Nurdle Hunt to help create a cleaner and more sustainable coastal landscape that benefits both wildlife and people."


Keep Scotland Beautiful

Keep Scotland Beautiful

"We are proud to support The Great Nurdle Hunt with the aim of cleaning up Scotland and reducing further plastic pollution in Scotland's seas. The Great Nurdle Hunt is making substantial efforts to promote sustainable practices that will help make our seas cleaner; this ties in with our vision for a clean, green and sustainable Scotland."


Scottish Wildlife Trust

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"The Scottish Wildlife Trust is delighted to support The Great Nurdle Hunt in tackling this important issue that will help achieve our vision of Living Seas where wildlife thrives from coastal shallows to the ocean depths."


Scottish Seabird Centre

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"The Scottish Seabird Centre is proud to support this very important campaign. It is vital that we protect our marine environment now and for future generations".



Forth Estuary Forum





"The Forth Estuary Forum aims to promote the wise and sustainable use of the Forth through voluntary partnership. We welcome the opportunity to work with The Great Nurdle Hunt to encourage good environmental practice".


East Lothian Ranger Service

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"East Lothian Countryside Service are keen to support this initiative that aims to reduce the degree of plastic which threatens the wildlife of the Scotland's seas."


Fife Coast & Countryside Trust

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"Fife Coast & Countryside Trust are delighted to have the opportunity to help with The Great Nurdle Hunt project, helping to raise awareness on the coastal zone and creating a cleaner marine environment for the future is a priority for us all".


Inner Forth Landscape Initiative 

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"The Inner Forth Landscape Initiative is pleased to support efforts to create a cleaner Forth estuary landscape for wildlife and communities".



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